Monday, May 23, 2011


Simple Lunch... looks tasty but taste so so...
I overcooked the noodle so it was extremely soft.
The seafood part was great!!! I found abalones in the freezer!!!
Abalones were so fresh!!!! Next time I will try to use all the fresh seafood for this dish!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Starbucks Petites

Starbucks Petites...

Yum~ Yum~ Yum~ very tasty afternoon snack!!!!
It's extremely sweet so make sure you order a black coffee!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Brenda Soul Food is the very first place we ate in SF this time!

Lucky us, the line wasn’t line. The restaurant is trying to expand so right now it looks small and tight. But this restaurant is located at trendy part of S.F.

We didn’t order too much food cuz we got a of places we need to try out this weekend!!!

Overall the food is good but not cheap!

I like the crawfish…

That Takes The Cake

After Brenda we went to a little cupcake place that Robert said it’s GOOD! 2 cupcakes for $5.50… price is very similar to Sprinkles. I took a bit of the mint chocolate cupcake. Sorry Rob. This place isn’t good~ Just typical cupcake stores~

Le Boulangerie & Paulette Macarons

Thanks to Rob. I was able to get some macarons while I was in SF. He did a search and found two most popular macarons place in SF. First one is Le Boulangerie. Very cute little bakery. The macarons looks so huge and tasty!! Price is right too!!! Bought 4 pieces to try it out~~~

Next we head to Paulette. Paulette only sells Macarons. More trendy small store comparing to Le Boulangerie. We do have Paulette place in LA too, but never had a chance to try it out~

Just by looking at all the macarons from two different places, I gotta say Le Boulangerie looks better and bigger. After tasting it both Marvas and I agree that Paulette is much better. To Rob. macarons isn’t his thing..hahaha But we both agree that macarons from Paulette isn’t the best ones we ever had. The best one we had is at downtown LA “Bottega Louie”…

Blue Bottle Coffee

I am not a big coffee fan, but Marvas is. She can drink so many cups of coffee. It’s so funny, she was telling me that each morning she needs few cups of coffee or else she will have headache. She drinks more coffee than milk. Well, blue bottle coffee is one of the most popular coffee place in SF. Oh my god, this coffee stand is located in a garage. The store front is not facing a street, instead it’s facing a little alley. Who cares about where this place is located, cuz there is a line!!!! Marvas ordered a coffee for me... errr I gotta say it’s so strong!!!!! I don’t like it at all the whole cup taste like COFFEE!!! GROSS~ But all their 1/2lb bag coffee beans smells so freaking good!!!!


I gotta say this is one place I really really wanna try out this time in SF. I heard so much about this place!!! And yes, on a Friday afternoon, there is a line waiting to be seated. Can’t believe it, everywhere we went there is a long line for it! Well, u know where there is a line for food, that place must taste good!

We didn’t order too much food cuz we are going to Suppenkuche German Restaurant for dinner pretty soon. I only ordered Clam Chowder soup & half dozen oysters. The clam chowder here is very soupy unlike the one you tried anywhere else thick and creamy. The clam inside my soup was very fresh. Overall I didn’t really like there clam chowder. Oysters, oysters, oysters… 3 big ones and 3 little ones… they are different types of oysters… I forgot their names but who cares cuz they are taste really crazy good! It was so cold and juice I wish I can order another dozen or more… Alrite, off we go… next is the Suppenkuche

Suppenkuche German Restaurant

Robert said this place is very famous for their boot size drinks! Yes, boot size drinks!!! I don’t drink but I am so glad everyone else in my group is… Marvas ordered a 0.3 liter size beer, Hung, Ryan, & Ray all ordered 0.5 liter, Robert ordered 1 liter beer, and Sarah & Jeff ordered 2 liter beer. I was able to take photos of the beers in different sizes. Oh, I forgot myself… I ordered a coke~

This little restaurant is so crowded, I am so glad Rob made reservation in advance! Even with reservation we waited for another 30-45 mins. But the wait is worth it!!!! Everyone had a wonderful time drinking there beer, eating German food and chatting. Whenever I think about German food I thought about PORK FEET, but nope they don’t serve Pork Feet here. Almost everyone ordered different dishes and I was able to take pix on most of the dishes. =P I gotta say, they all looks so good!!! Most of the dishes are PORK…I love pork. But due to my health condition, I am staying away from meat again. I only order potato pancake which Rob told me it’s very famous over here.

The food taste really good! The breaded pork chop that Rob. ordered taste better than Japanese Pokr katsu. Portion is just alrite I think I can easily finished it myself, but maybe cuz I love pork!

Amazingly Sarah finished her 2 liter boot beer drink way before Jeff!!! Appearly Sarah only weights 100lbs!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Happy Lunar New Year
I am so excited another new year is here!!!
I been slacking off with my blog for the past month or two...oops
Time to work hard again~~~
I am going to cook a big meal for dinner tonight!
I even made a menu for it..wahahaha
I'll try to post photos of my foods too~

Happy Lunar New Year!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

(Canada) Signs

Saw some interesting sings/things @ Canada...

(Canada) Pagliacci's

After check in I asked the bell desk lady to see what's good to eat around Victoria. hahahaha I totally didn't do any planning. The lady recommended few places but for some reason I was in the mood of Italian food!!! Small restaurant, but filled with people!!! All the seats are so close together! A lady knew everyone is very cold waiting in line so she offered people a glass of hot red wine...hehehehe I didn't take any. I totally forgot what we ordered that night. Waitress recommended us a dish and we picked another pasta our self... errr whatever she told us to order was kinda weird... Sweet and salty.... After a few bites you will be full. But the dish we picked our self was extremely good!!! Fresh seafood on the top with just enough sauce yum yum~~~
Salad was fine, bread was great!!! There was live Jazz music too!! so fun!!!!
Oh that night the youngest guest was baby Lincoln, he was only a week old from Seattle!!!
One thing I noticed was that no one in this restaurant... Too expensive or there is no rice serve here ??? Anyways, I would totally come back here again!

(Canada) The Empress Tea Room

The Empress Tea Room is a must come place while you are in Victoria Island!!!
Coming here have an afternoon tea would make you feel like a Royal Queen!

(Canada) Victoria Island

Spend 3 days @ Victoria Island. This place is extremely PRETTY!!!
Feels like I am back in London! People around the area are mainly Tourists!
Most of the building looks like big Castle!!! All the cool building are within walking distance~
I didn't have to use the Bus... walk walk walk for me!
Next time I will book my hotel @ the Empress Hotel... I heard it's extremely pretty inside!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

(Canada) Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

Dynasty Chinese Rest.
A Taiwanese lady introuduce us to this tasty rest. Overall price of the foods are good & tasty!!!
It's very similar to Din Tai Fung Dumpling House. Trendy looking rest. So many people waiting in line. Since this was our X'mas meal, we order more than we can eat...
Dumplings & tofu was good! The soup was too spicy... Next time when I come back to Richmond, I will come back here again!


Finally able to find some time to upload my Canada photos!
I gotta say Canada is extremely fun and COLD~
I love it!!! Can't wait to go back again in summer time!

Air Canada... nice cheap airplane~ Excited to be on the plane again!!!
Momo is looking at iPod Touch... Wish I had iTouch for X'mas gift~

pictures from here and there~~~
I am so glad I brought my ski jacket with me this time! It's super cold in Canada!!!

Pictures from the Stanley Park... Huge park filled with things to SEE!!!
So cool!!! I didn't even walked half way of the park and I was tired~
They even have Aquarium inside the park~
I heard during summer time flowers are bloom, little animals are out~~~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More X'mas Trees

More photos of X'mas Trees...

OCTA 1st Floor

OCTA 2nd Floor!

OCTA 3rd Floor

OCTA 4th Floor

OCTA 5th Floor

OCTA 6th Floor

X'mas Tree @ Lone Star Steakhouse

X'mas Tree @ Carolyn's Clubhouse~

OCTA X'mas Party

OCTA X'mas... This year our X'mas party was at Carolyn's fancy clubhouse. Everyone had a wonderful time~ sorry can't post most of the pohotos. =P This gift gifts was pretty good! I got $25 gift card from Amazon, $25 gift card from ITunes..wahahaha HAPPY! Happy Holidays...

Matt...he is so crazy tall.. Even when he is sitting down, he is still taller than me.

Carolyn, Angel, & Ai-Viet. =)
Carolyn my old intern. but full time employee @ OCTA now.
Ai-Viet my current intern.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lone Stark Steakhouse

Lone Star Steakhouse @ Laguna
yum~ yum~ yum~
Tasty steakhouse not far from my house!!!
Went there pretty late tonight so only few customers left~

Happy Holidays from the Bull...hahaha

Store front~

Very american style restaurant...

Bar area...

Lettuce wedge... yum~ I love the blue cheese and fresh crispy lettuce!

Fresh bread!!!

Grilled Pork Chop $14.99 Two 8oz pork chop oh!!! So cheap and tasty!

Texas Trio $17.99 Steak, Chicken, and 3 Shrimps...
yum yum too!
But I love their 24oz Porthouse steak! That's the BEST...

I couldn't finish my food so gotta get it to-go...
The bull foil I am holding is my leftovers..hehehe

more crazy photos

& more...

okie... I am done... get the camera outta my face... hehehe
Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon
24231 Avenida De La Carlota
Laguna Hills
(949) 951-8687

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Roscoe's House of Chicken N Waffles

Chicken n Waffles....
A friend of mine told me about this place...
Gotta try it out!!!

So many people waiting outside...

People... People... when there is people in line means good restauarant!

Excited for the food~~~
I ordered #3... 1/2 (4 pieces) of fried chicken n 2 waffles $16
This is only one piece of waffle... It's huge~
They claim they use their SECRET waffle mix...mmn... can't tell.

oops... forgot to take a photo before I eat...
Well, two pieces of chicken left.
Overall the food is so so... not great great.
Service was wonderful!
mmn... I don't think I would come back again tho.
KFC makes better chcken~ Pancakes House makes better waffles~
Roscoe's House of Chicken N Waffles
830 North Lake Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91104
(626) 791-4890

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

X'mas Trees

December is the month of holiday...
Everywhere I go I see X'mas trees...
I guess I should take a pix of all the X'mas trees I can find this month...

It's EVERYWHERE!!!! So I will update this page daily

#12 @ Macy's ... SKI

#11 @ Macy's ... super super ugly mouse!

#10 @ Macy's ... Cupcake tree! Very cute!

#9 @ Macy's

#8 @ Macy's Christian ornaments

#7 @ Macy's... white birds with black lady Angels

#6 @ Macy's

#5 @ Nordstrom - Bird house tree
#4 @ Nordstorm - Bird house tree

#3 Angel's tree.... 50 ornaments on half side of the tree..hahaha

#2 Jacob Chen's little cars x'mas tree!!!
Jacob is only 3 yrs. old. but ever since baby he has been in love with CARS!!!
This is so creative and cute! I think I should have a Hello Kitty X'mas tree!

#1 @ Downtown Brea
It's really big and pretty! I wonder how much ornaments is on there...